Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday 5 UN-Faves

Normally I would talk about how much I'm obsessed with baked sweet potatoes and agave nectar, or the new song that I'm totally digging but this month I wanted to try something different and do just the opposite! I want to talk about the five things that I'm not crazy about lately. Different right? Sometimes I like to shake things up, but don't worry next month I'll come back with my faves again.

  • Oolong tea. I've been converted from a morning coffee drinker to a morning tea drinker so consequently I've been sampling a bunch of different teas. I'm still a fan of fruit teas and while my usual go to is black, white, or green tea I wanted to sample some other types of tea too. That is how I've come to find that I despise oolong tea. The bitter acidic after taste is not for me and nothing I could do would mask it. Hard pass from now on.
  • Hot weather. Yes I understand that it's summer and it's suppose to be hot but I'm already over it. When it's really hot out I don't have the energy to do anything and sometimes I fall asleep but I wake up really hot with a headache and I'm just miserable for the rest of the day. Currently we're working on our yard so I'm hoping to have the nice outdoor space soon to escape the stuffy house. I find any excuse to get out also since the air circulation is just not that great inside. I'm already longing for winter and cold temperatures and even rain. But just not the mud, having to wipe dog paws everytime is a nightmare especially when you have a 130 pound nightmare with long wiggly legs.
  • Construction. The constant construction right now going on at my house is wearing me down. Between the air quality and the banging, I need it to be done. I'm excited for the changes and how nice the house will look but the whole having to wear shoes inside and constantly having my throat closing on me since there is something in the air really aggravating my allergies is getting old fast.
  • Hormonal breakouts. I'm not sure if it's just stress mixed with hormones or what but right now my skin is freaking out and breaking out like crazy. It's like a perfect ring of pimples framing my face and it's driving me crazy. I think it's time to go into cleaning overdrive and just santize everything that even looks at my face because the hormones I can't fix but if there are any environmental triggers I can at least deal with that.
  • Allergies. Mostly triggered by the construction, but allergies this late in the year? You've got to be kidding me. I absolutely hate that I'm still relying on allergy medicine when it's the end of June! At this rate by the time this round of allergies is over it will be time for my fall allergies to start up again.

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