Monday, June 13, 2016

Nails of the Week #83: Melon Kiss

The name of this manicure seems odd but what it comes from is a color scheme that I tried to feature but apparently my orange isn't orange enough to make that obvious. Overall I'll admit that this didn't turn out as I envisioned it but I got something on my finger nails so that counts for something. I think the problem is I didn't use thin enough tape so I did go in and clean up some edges so when you look at the nails with thinner lines it does look better. I think the other problem was I picked colors that were too dark, if they were a little more neon this would have worked better too. This did put me onto a new technique though that I'll need to try out for my next manicure look!

This look took me a long time to do. It involved carefully layering on four colors in a line and waiting until they were just almost dry to sort of "blend" them together with a top coat. And then of course it involved taping over the colors to then paint the black over it. This resulted in some pretty unclean edges and accidental drops of black in the colors that I couldn't always clean up. I think if anything it's the ragged edges that isn't doing it for me. Anyways, the colors I used were all Essie in the shades Bachelorette Bash, Sunday Funday, First Timer, Hide & Go Chic, and Licorice.

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