Monday, June 20, 2016

Nails of the Week #84: Marble Manicure Attempt

The one manicure I always look at pictures for and wish I could do is the water marbling. You know the one where you drop nail polish into a cup of water and swirl it slightly to make a marble effect and then somehow you magically transfer it onto your nails? Yeah every since I did ombre that one time and it was a headache of a mess to clean up I haven't been brave enough to try something like that. Random internet browsing brought me to a page that claims you can achieve the same marble effect with the help of a cut up sandwich baggy so naturally I just had to try it.

The idea is to drop colors onto a white base on your nail then take a small square of plastic and gently tap the wet polish to get it to mix and marble. Sounds easy right? Well what I discovered is that it doesn't really marble and half the time when you go to pull off the plastic it takes all the color with it. I had success with a nail or two but the other ones just kind of look like watercolor splotches. I mean it still looks nice and I am getting better at clean up so here's my marble attempt! For the base I used OPI in Alpine Snow and the colors are Essie in Sunday Funday, Essie in Resort Fling, Essie in First Timer, Essie in Bikini So Teeny, and Color Club in Pardon My French.

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