Wednesday, July 6, 2016

elf Haul!

It's a "haul"-iday week indeed for me. This is the first of a series of hauls that will be featured on this blog this month, apparently I was just in the buying mood. What happened with this particular haul was that I was actually looking at my blog analytics and for some reason "elf pink diamonds" was a keyboard used to find my blog. How that happened? I have no clue. Naturally that lead me to google the phrase myself and I stumbled across some (kinda new) baked mineral highlighters. Way back when I picked up a number of baked mineral eyeshadows from elf which I loved so after looking at swatches for these highlighters I decided I needed them. That caused me to shop around on the site and pick up a few more things so here we are with a haul.

I must say there are two items I tried to purchase which I was able to checkout with (and they are STILL listed as in stock on the site) but once the order actually shipped they refunded me the amount of the items. Curious. It's a shame because one of them was the elf Hydrating Bubble Mask which sounded really interesting and the other was the elf Blemish Control Primer which I'm a little more apathetic about. Anyways, let's check out the items that actually made it into my hands as well as the "surprise gift" which was free with a $25+ purchase. Surprise gift ended up being a random assortment of products mixed in which was kind of annoying since they were all listed on my invoice mixed in with my order so it was a little hard remembering what I actually ordered and what was a gift.

elf Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls ($4)
elf Baked Highlighter in Blush Gems ($4)
Couldn't get my hands on Pink Diamonds, the culprit of this haul, but I will one day because the swatches are beautiful. As you can see I also couldn't wait until post haul pictures to break open Moonlight Pearls. I guess that particular color can be described as a gorgeous creamy candlelight glow. It's the perfect amount of shimmer and color compliment to my skin. I can't wait to use Blush Gems once I'm a little tanner for the summer so it doesn't look like I just kind of missed with my blush since it is more of a peachy pink color. As with all of their baked products, there is a surprisingly thick top coat over the product so you'll need to scrape a good amount to get to the richly pigmented part of the highlight. It's worth it though, just do it over a sink since it will get messy.
elf Skin Care Starter Set ($25)
Essentially the cost of the rest of my order and far more than I would normally spend on any elf order, but skin care is a new for me set of products that elf came out with. It's been awhile now but I never decided to try anything. This set came with the Daily Face Cleanser, Daily Hydration Moisturizer, and Illuminating Eye Cream. Each of these guys are full size and HUGE. They all fulfill very basic needs when it comes to skincare so I guess I'm mostly interested to see whether they will break out my skin. The frosty blue mint packaging for their skincare is just lovely though.
elf HD Mattifying Balm ($6)
I'm always looking for portable and discrete products that will help with the excessive oil production I suffer from. I've found a number of powders that I'm a fan of, both press and loose, but any powder is quite difficult to transport and also tricky to apply without a mess. Enter this balm that got great reviews that also looks extremely mess free. Fingers crossed that this works for me!
elf Soothing Lip Balm in Vanilla Creme ($1)
elf Instant Lift Brow Pencil in Neutral Brown ($2)
Two little random items. A lip balm because even though I love eos balms they aren't very small purse friendly so I'm trying to find some kind of stick or flat alternative that I love just as much. And yes, I know that eos makes stick versions of their balms now and I have two of those that you'll see in my next haul post! Also ever since I fell in love with crazy expensive Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz again, I'm on the hunt for a cheap brow pencil to love because $23 every 2-3 months is steep!
elf All Over Color Stick in Spotlight ($1)
elf All Over Color Stick in Persimmon ($1)
So a new favorite thing of mine is putting down a cream highlighter and setting it with a powder highlighter. It makes the highlighter stay longer and also gives it more dimension which I love. For $1 each, these all over sticks looked perfect for just that, especially pairing them with the highlighters I showed earlier. Reviews say a little goes a long way and to be especially care with Spotlight otherwise you will find yourself with a bold white streak on your face. There was a third color that was very pink which I think is intended to be more of a blush and since I'm not crazy about cream blushes I skipped it.
And here are the surprise gift items.

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