Friday, July 1, 2016

Fitness Friday!

So fitness in June didn't go so well. A combination of being lazy and unfortunate incidents with my Fitbit(s). In general I wasn't feeling to great throughout the whole month, I was (and a still a little) having some horrible congestion, breathing, and allergy related issues with an extremely erratic sleep schedule plus the hot temperatures, it hasn't been good. So that goal of 45500 weekly steps? Didn't go so well. I just had a lot of days where I wasn't able to track steps very accurately so these numbers from last month are a rough tally of whatever I was able to track with a Fitbit and whatever I was able to track with my phone. I actually went through a few Fitbits this month. My original Flex just died on me, wouldn't hold a charge no matter what, so then I got an Alta. Then I had issues with that one and was stuck a few days without a charger too so that was a few days where I didn't have a Fitbit. Finally I got my second Alta and so far so good (knocks on wood). I managed to get a little bit more on track near the end of the month so I guess finishing strong is what matters. That 30 day sit up challenge too? That was rough.

So for July we're going to just go ahead and act like June didn't happen and repeat the same things. 45500 steps per week plus sticking to the 30 day sit up challenge app. So let's take a look at what happened in June. I used a * to denote days I had to pull data off my phone's app. It's not very accurate because it doesn't count steps very well and there's a lot of times during the day where I walk around without my phone on me.

June 1st: 8340
June 2nd: 7349
June 3rd: 8004
June 4th: 4723
June 5th: 2948*
Total: 31364/32500

June 6th: 2372
June 7th: 5762
June 8th: 10151
June 9th: 7920
June 10th: 5215
June 11th: 8425
June 12th: 1022*
Total: 40867/45500

June 13th: 725*
June 14th: 1259*
June 15th: 1303*
June 16th: 1043*
June 17th: 1032
June 18th: 4833
June 19th: 8717
Total: 18912/45500

June 20th: 6710
June 21st: 6183
June 22nd: 4860
June 23rd: 5301
June 24th: 3971
June 25th: 5816
June 26th: 8480
Total: 41321/45500

June 27th: 8600
June 28th: 6811
June 29th: 5700
June 30th: 4901
Total: 26012/19500

Smaller portion thing, going great. I think being sick too has also been the culprit to my smaller appetite so we'll see what happens once I'm feeling 100% again. Near the end of June I picked up this horrible candy craving though that I just couldn't resist so that happened but I'm not too upset about it since the cravings passed just after a day or two.

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