Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday 5 Faves

After our weird break last month where I talked about some things that were irking me, we're back to our regularly programmed favorites of the month. It was hard narrowing it down because I've definitely had a few strong favorites but I think I figured it out. As usual I threw in a song, some new addictions and weirdly enough a beauty product!

  • The Best is Yet To Come by Sheppard. Everyone knows their popular song Geronimo, and for some reason I never thought to seek out other music by them. Then I heard this song on the radio and was hooked. It's so uplifting and sweet to listen to, a good reminder to be optimistic and keep going forward in life. Just listen to it, you won't regret it if you enjoy feel good music.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. I'd like to think that they improved their packaging design because it does feel more secure to me but I'm glad I gave it another shot. It really is the perfect color and the thin point is so great for precision and control to get the brow shape exactly as I want it. If you're new to this blog I had talked about how once upon a time when I first tried out Brow Wiz I adored it but then I found it was pulling out my brow hairs since the tip was loose so when you went to draw it would twist down and pull out the hairs. I still don't think my brows have fully recovered from that and I'm kind of skeptical it will but here we are. I've traded in my pricey mascara for a pricey brow pencil instead and (so far) I have no regrets.
  • Home decor. Having a new space to work with has really sparked my creativity for home decor and now I find myself looking up rugs and trinkets randomly throughout the day. I've decided that my aesthetic is rustic and mixed metals. So I'm really a fan of weathered natural wood, the more silvery grey type with matte black hardware. Then for accents is the mixed metal look so trinkets, vases, candles, etc. I lean more towards chrome, bronze and copper for the metals, I find gold a little too jarring. Also obsessed with making succulent terrariums right now in glass geometric shapes with the metal frames. Yes, this is my life right now.
  • LOST. I feel like I've talked about this already but since I'm still hooked, I decided to talk about it again. I don't believe I've ever rewatched this series and if I did it was so long ago that I clearly don't remember. One of my all time favorite series but one of those that you have to pay attention to so that's probably why I haven't revisited it yet. It's fun watching it again and now catching things so I know how it's suppose to end. It's littered with easter eggs and foreshadowing so it's been fun piecing it all together. I'm almost done with season 3 which is universally agreed upon to be the most worthless season so I'm looking forward to the later ones where they really start exploring time travelling and hoping to understand it a little better.
  • Nail stickers. As a self proclaimed nail polish addict I've always shied away from nail stickers because they looked difficult to apply and all the designs I was getting sent were all pretty horrific. Then a set of stickers came in with an acceptable pattern and I was a little short on time so I decided to give them a shot. Forgive me if the next few Nails of the Week are all nail stickers but they are just so easy and hardy! It's been two weeks now and the first set I put on is still going strong. Like it seriously doesn't chip even after washing dishes, scratching dogs, and prying off the plastic safety seals on things. I hear if you apply a base coat to it then it really won't budge. 

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