Monday, July 11, 2016

Nails of the Week #86: Coconut Nail Art by Incoco in Desert Rose

So this is that weird post that will come before the unboxing on Wednesday where I actually get these strips, and then strangely enough I'll be talking about these again on my Friday post. It's one of those weeks...Anyways, I have quite a collection of nail stickers and fake nails that I've just amassed from subscription boxes that just go into a box where I forget about them. This time around, a pattern arrived that I would actually enjoy wearing and it was festively appropriate (writing about the past here since I actually used these for 4th of July weekend, yes I'm a tad bit behind).

These are the Coconut Nail Art by Incoco in the design Desert Rose. These are a fun geometrical tribal print in blue and red on a white background so I thought color wise it was very festively appropriate. I guess a little about these nail strips, they are strips of actual nail polish meaning they are thin and delicate without that much give. Luckily all the strips provided fit my nails perfectly (except one pinky but that was my fault, I chose the wrong size which I fixed on my other hand). Basically you stick them on and you're able to gently stretch them (but not that much) and then you file off the excess. I put a top coat over it since I was skeptical about how long they would last but you probably don't need to do them. It did take me some time to do it, probably 30-45 minutes for the full manicure but I can imagine this is something that gets quicker with practice, I was having some issues peeling the strips off the backing and actually ruined a strip in the process. Overall though I love how it's mess free and I can get some intricate patterns that would normally take me much longer to do. I'm already planning on seeking out some more patterns!


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