Friday, July 8, 2016

Ulta Skincare Haul!

And now we have the second haul promised for this week! This time it was an email advertising the fabulous Platinum perk of a 22 piece beauty kit that did it for me. That along with cobbling together my Birchbox Wishlist post that inspired me to go hunting for some products that ended up in my shopping cart and here we are with haul number two of three. This Ulta purchase consisted of head to toe skincare/beauty care items, not a stick of makeup in sight. I discovered some interesting new products that I can't wait to test out and hopefully a review or two will come of this.

Tony Moly Foot Peeling Shoes ($6.50)
Miss Spa Exfoliate Foot Treatment ($6.99)
First up I have some foot peeling treatments! What I learned from Ulta was if you see it today, buy it now. There are some items that they tend to just cycle through including the foot peeling treatment that I really liked last time is no where in sight now! Tony Moly is a favorite Asian brand of mine so I picked up a few of those and when I stumbled across this different brand I decided to go for it to. These things are super effective but definitely don't use them often because they're very powerful. I use one maybe once every 3-4 months, usually whenever the season changes. It's also such a messy process that requires covered up feet for about 2-3 weeks since you'll be shedding like crazy everywhere.
Parissa Wax Strips for Face & Bikini ($9.99)
Juice Beauty Blemish Be Gone ($15)
Eos Smooth Stick in Vanilla Bean and Pomegranate Raspberry ($2.49)
These wax strips are fabulous and they were BOGO 50% off so I snagged two boxes. This blemish stick was the whole reason for this haul, this is what I saw on Birchbox and decided to pick up from Ulta and then it just all spiraled out of control. Hopefully this works since I'm still looking for that good day time spot treatment. I mentioned earlier this week I was on the hunt for a stick of lip balm that I like since Eos spheres are bulky to carry so I'm hoping that these will work out! They also had Sweet Mint but since I'm not crazy about minty lip balms I passed on it.
SheaMoisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Toner ($9.99)
SheaMoisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Mask ($11.99)
African Black Soap has been a huge help in my acne journey so when I saw that SheaMoisture has an entire collection featuring this magical stuff I had to snag a few items to try out. It also helped that it was buy one get one 50% (in fact the next few items were all victims of that) so I picked out two products. First is a toner since I'm still on the hunt of the perfect morning toner and this one is in a spray bottle which I like to use in the morning to mist directly on my face. African Black Soap helps manage oil and shine without clogging pores making this a great candidate for the mornings. And naturally I had to pick up a face mask too. Since I have such great success with using the soap to cleanse my face just imagine what could happen if it was allowed to just sit on my skin for awhile!
Pacifica Rice Bright Skin Cleansing Paste ($14)
Pacifica Pore Refine Deep Detox Mask ($18)
I've had mixed results using Pacifica items but they have such unusual ingredients I'm always pulled in by their BOGO. Currently I'm using the Kale detox face wash which I'm kind of undecided on. On one hand it turns into a great foamy cleanser with my Clarisonic but on the other hand it REALLY burns if it gets anywhere near my eyes. Bad thing? Probably. This time around I picked up the rice cleansing paste, just because I like the sound of paste and because rice is a great skin brightening ingredient. It has great reviews and I feel like this might be a great Clarisonic option. Then for the second half of things I picked up a detox mask since I really need another face mask (definitely not) in my collection. This one is interesting since it uses konjac root, strawberry, and lemon peel, all great detoxifying ingredients and then tomato which is good for balancing and brightening skin. It also contains cactus which is a new skincare ingredient for me but I looked it up and cactus is suppose to be amazing for moisture retention, anti-inflammatory and stimulates healthy skin cell production and turnover. Sounds pretty good to me!
C. Booth Charcoal Foaming Dry Body Polish & Cleanser ($8.99)
C. Booth Clean Vanilla Bean Body Wash ($6.99)
This foaming dry polish sounded really interested. Basically it's a pillow-y soft powder that you apply to a damp face, or your body, and it will instantly foam up into a scrub. There are rave reviews about it and since C. Booth was being offered at buy one get one for 50% off I decided to go for it. The second item I selected was one of their body washes just because I wanted to try a different body wash out and vanilla bean seemed like a good scent.
Finally here is a mess of samples and free gifts that I got including the 22 piece beauty kit, deluxe sample of a Juice Beauty moisturizer, and the traditional three pack mystery skincare samples that they always include. I'm most excited about the (full size!!) liquid/pencil liner, Becca Backlight sample and the cuticle oil, and I'm quite a fan of the bag too.

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