Friday, August 5, 2016

Fitness Friday!

I killed it in the middle of the month, it's just the beginning and the end that weren't so great. Actually both the first and last week I came within 5000 steps of my target so I say not too shabby in general for July. The crazy thing is it's that Pokemon Go has been a huge help in this. I found a walking buddy at work to go for walks with during our lunch and that easily adds a few thousand steps to my day. So I guess the goal of getting people active is sure working!

For August I'm going to repeat this challenge, I'd like to get a full month of hitting my goal followed up with a second month so I'm not quite ready to up it just yet. Again this means 45,500 steps per week (roughly 6,500 a day) and we'll see how we do this time!
July 1st: 5307
July 2nd: 6272
July 3rd: 3275
Total: 14854/19500

July 4th: 8799
July 5th: 4815
July 6th: 5886
July 7th: 10086
July 8th: 6054
July 9th: 5394
July 10th: 5905
Total: 46939/45500

July 11th: 6749
July 12th: 7505
July 13th: 10064
July 14th: 3646
July 15th: 8108
July 16th: 6346
July 17th: 6127
Total: 48545/45500

July 18th: 4738
July 19th: 7347
July 20th: 7036
July 21st: 6876
July 22nd: 7014
July 23rd: 9747
July 24th: 6262
Total: 49020/45500

July 25th: 3276
July 26th: 6770
July 27th: 8083
July 28th: 5577
July 29th: 4798
July 30th: 5234
July 31st: 6348
Total: 40087/45500

As for everything else, I've been packing nutritious lunches however I've fallen victim to the cookie drawer at work and I've had an unhealthy obsession with Oreos lately. That's something I'm looking to work on this month for sure!

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