Friday, August 19, 2016

Fresh Finds Friday

Recently I've picked up quite a few mystery boxes and grab bags as well as some small purchases here and there. Instead of doing one giant haul of everything I want to just showcase the things that I really love. I guess I should go ahead and list out the places this stuff came from so I don't waste valuable real estate down where I'm describing the products.

First up is the Popsugar All-Star Mystery Grab Bag where for $20 a box they took apart leftover stock of their curated box and mixed the items up to ship out mystery boxes for half the price. I haven't been subscribed for at least a year now so I went ahead and purchased two and surprisingly still got some repeats. Next I also picked up the New Beauty, Beauty Choice Awards Box that is similar to the Allure Beauty Thrills where it's a $50 box stuffed full of BCA winners. I had compared the two boxes and decided I would like this one better, actually just one SAMPLE sized product is what swayed me, and it also had a lot less hair products than the Beauty Thrills. I also got the Bareminerals Mystery Bag which was stuffed full of Bareminerals products. I also featured some items from my Sephora Play! bag this month which is $10 for a bag of samples from Sephora with a crazy wait list to even subscribe. There's also an item from my Bookish Limited Edition Harry Potter Box which was a one time purchase for $35 of Harry Potter goodies (I went ahead and ordered the Game of Thrones box too!) as well as something from the Serendipity by Little Lace Box which is $12.99 for every other month (I used a coupon and scored a year for $55!) which is a whimsical collection of beauty, lifestyle, jewelry, actually anything they find and want to send. Lastly there is something I actually picked out myself from the Birchbox shop using up some leftover points before I graciously exit that service.
Deepa Gurnani Headband. First up is this gorgeous headband that I received from a Popsugar mystery box. This was a most coveted headband that came in different versions and this so happens to be the one I had my eye on! It's a ring of crystals that looks like a tiara when on. It inspires me to try some new up-dos to go with it!
Tarte Apple of my Eye Amazonian clay eye shadow quad. Another Popsugar find, I really lucked out with those boxes! I actually ended up passing this onto my sister who I knew would love and get some much more use out of this but I still had to include it in the list because just look at this gorgeous quad of colors! They are absolutely perfect everyday colors with the mix of shimmer and matte. Since my sister has a customer facing role as her job she does wear makeup everyday to work while I'm here going my computer won't judge me, so I know she will really get the use out of this.

Spark Joy. This cute little book came in Popsugar and it's all about ways to organize your life! I love when books like this come in boxes and I think this would be perfect in the guest bathroom if anyone is looking for some light reading in there! The colors also go with my decor so there's that too.
Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. This came in the big box of Beauty Choice Awards goodies and it came at a good time.  My favorite Kenra dry shampoo now that I'm down to the dregs, I realize it clogs like crazy so lately I've been sporting some nice white streaks in my hair. Like they look like white hairs so sometimes I don't notice because it's not in the top layer of hair. Disaster. I'm on the hunt for a new dry shampoo so this full size can of goodness from a brand that I'm a fan of will be the next candidate.

Coola Makeup Green Tea & Aloe Setting Spray. Remember how I mentioned it was one item that prompted me to pick up the BCA Box? Yeah this is it. I got a sample of this stuff in a Birchbox months ago which actually still has a decent amount of product in it but the spray top broke! I saw that this was included and then pounced. This sample size is PERFECT to stow in my purse and for these hot summer days it's great to pull out and mist my face. I love that it contains SPF and it's very refreshing on your face plus it smells great. I'm happy to now have a functioning spray bottle I can siphon product into and I still intend on picking up the full size probably with the last of my Birchbox points and keeping this bottle for refills on that.
Bareminerals Ready All-Over Face Color in Elation. This came from the Bareminerals mystery bag and is something else that I loved but got passed onto my sister since I also about a 50 (no joke) blushes in my blush drawer right now. I love everything about this, the sleek packaging, the little plastic insert, and of course the color itself. Completely wearable pink that would compliment so many skin tones. Love it, but I really need to be better about hoarding stuff, which should include ceasing my impulsive buys of these things!

Blotterazzi by Beauty Blender. Cutest thing ever from the Sephora Play! Box. This is basically a reusable oil blotting sheet from Beauty Blender that is suppose to be a lot more makeup friendly than those sheets. It's also a nice shape to fit into the contours of your face to provide minimal disturbance to makeup. Looking forward to see how this compares and I like (not pictured) that it came with a little sample packet of cleaner too inside the card.
Benefit Dew the Hoola Liquid Bronzer. Another item that I've heard a lot of buzz about but wouldn't buy a full size for myself is this liquid bronzer! I have a ton of bronzers and usually liquids don't work well for my face however I was always curious so I'm thrilled to get this sample to play with. It's a really good size bottle too! This was my first month with the Play box and I'm already in love with it and don't regret my decision to drop Birchbox.

Nima Oeroi Geo Bottle Stopper. And now we're back again at Popsugar. How beautiful is this bottle stopper? I actually didn't know what it was at first since there's no writing on the box and I missed the tiny slip of paper tucked inside so I unscrewed the top which also led me to believe it was a corkscrew (it could be...) but once I figured it out I was smitten. I'm not a huge wine drinker but I might need to turn into one just to use this beauty!
Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Honey Hush. It's been a hot minute since a nail polish has made my heart flutter but this beautiful taupe did it. I think this luxurious packaging also helped too. I like that you can unscrew the top to reveal a smaller top for an easier application. This came from the BCA Box. This inspires me to paint my nails again sometime soon, but let's be real, this will go onto my toes since I'm so hooked on nail stickers still.

Mally Perfect Prep Under Eye Brightener. I've only gotten to try a handful of Mally products but I've loved everyone. I liked that the BCA Box can with a full size of this under eye brightener. This is a concealer for your baggies that is suppose to brighten your eye area.
Jouer Powder Eyeshadow in Pecan. For the life of me I can't remember where this Jouer eyeshadow came from. I even started going through my credit card statement to find out. I want to say this might have been in the sample pack that came with my Birchbox shop order since that's the only thing that makes sense. Anyways, this is a beautifully buttery eyeshadow in a light shimmering bronze. This is a gorgeous all over color from one of my favorite brands to receive in subscription boxes and I can't wait to use it.

Capri Blue Mercury Jewelry Box in Rain. This also came from Popsugar mystery bag and is a candle in a jewelry box. The scent isn't anything I like even a bit, gardenia floral, but this container is so beautiful. It's heavy and made of this gorgeous burnished silver with a lightweight wood lid to it. I want to start burning this ASAP just so I can get to using the box.
Always Mug. It's weird to say but 'always' has been a favorite word of mine to the point where I seriously considered getting it tattooed on my arm. So when Snape had those famous sweet lines in the book I was enchanted. I received this mug from the Bookish box, which I actually bought because this mug was spoiled. On one side it says "After all this time" and the other side it is "Always" with a picture of a doe. I love this so much, it may need to replace my coffee mug at the office.

Illume Candles. I can't believe how much I spent on these candles which came from the Birchbox shop but the containers are so aesthetically appealing to me. I got one in each color offered and they are gorgeously geometric and the perfect trinket for the bookcase I envision for the living room. After the candles burn out they will make adorable succulent pots or catch all dishes too!
Kitsch Necklace. Lastly is this beautiful mix metal chevron necklace from Serendipity. I love mixed metals and these long statement necklaces. I have a habit of wearing small pendants on a daily basis so this long necklace works perfectly layered over it and the mixed metals will match anything I wear.