Monday, August 8, 2016

Nails of the Week #89: Coconut Nail Art by Incoco in Perfect Match

Surprise another week of nail stickers! Now I'm just encouraged to continue because my nails are longer and healthier than ever and I highly suspect it's due to NOT using nail polish. Nail polish chips and when it does it takes off huge flakes of my nails which causes this whole peeling disaster and thin brittle nails. I know that base coat is suppose to help with that but I feel like it still doesn't. So for now I will enjoy my long nails and continue with the stickers because there are just so many beautiful designs to try. Don't worry at one point I'll tire of long nails, I'm already struggling a little typing with these so maybe soon.

This week I have Coconut Nail Art by Incoco in Perfect Match. It's kind of hard to tell on the nails but in the box you can see that it kind of looks inspired by Victoria's Secret. Those three center nails are actually a background of opalescent white and light pink stripes much like the original Vicky's bags. The thumb and the pinkie finger has some silver and polka dots and one four of these nails there are artfully placed flowers. I absolutely love this set and I feel like I might be able to recreate this one day!


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