Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Things I Really Want

It's a short list today but let's be real, I'm starting to think about my birthday which is in exactly one month and the things I wouldn't mind magically appearing in front of me. Some things on here I know I will eventually get in the future and other things are widely unpractical (for now) that I probably will have to keep resisting.

  • Herschel Backpack. We'll start with the one that doesn't have a direct link right now because the particular style I had been eyeing is no longer offered. Basically I want one of these backpacks for travel. The design is clean and sturdy making it perfect for a quick overnight bag or to bring out into the wilderness. I love the straps and buckles to make these bags look rustic yet functional. I'll lie in wait for the design I'm looking for and consider it.
  • Harry Potter Complete Book Series Special Edition Boxed Set. I saw these when it first came out so sadly now this box set is only available for purchase from other sellers. Maybe they will release a new set which I will snap up. Either way, I just love this boxed set that creates Hogwarts from the spines for display purposes, and for reading of course too! I'm a huge fan of using functional items as decor and this is exactly the type of thing that I adore.
  • Better Homes and Gardens River Crest 5-Shelf Bookcase, Rustic Oak Finish. I've been on the hunt for a bookcase to complete the living room for awhile now and imagine my surprise that I would find it at Walmart! This is exactly the finish and look that I want with the airy spaces to not close up the room. This is absolutely perfect with some great reviews and I need it ASAP. It looks like a piece that would come from West Elm for a fraction of the price.
  • Lorac PRO Palette 3. I have the first iteration which I'm obsessed with, never mind the journey to actually get a hold of it, and the second one which I haven't touched. I'll admit I bought it more just because it was a Pro palette not because I really loved the colors which is obviously a mistake. But this one is gorgeous! It's brown and bronzey, exactly what I love in a palette and it's so hard for me not to buy it. I really don't need it, it's like the less glittery version of my Naked 3 but every time I see it my will is seriously tested.
  • Fitbit Alta Blush Pink Leather Band. I've had my Alta for awhile now and absolutely love it, but ever since I started wanting one from looking at the ads I especially loved this blush color band. I still want it, but I've been waiting to find someone who has it because my biggest concern was how easily it go dirty and whether it scratched easily. The last thing I wanted to do was drop the cash on it just to ruin it in a week. So this will be on hold for now. I even passed up on the 20% Father's Day sale that Fitbit was having on accessories because I was too hesitant on the investment!
  • Coach Medium Rexy Bag Charm. For the last wildly expensive and unnecessary thing that I'm inexplicably longing for, this dinosaur bag charm! If you know me at all you know that I LOVE dinosaurs so imagine my delight when I wander into a Coach store and see that they have an entire line dedicated to dinos. Yes I'm aware this bag charm could feed a small army, but how freaking fabulous is this?! I think right now I'm particularly drawn to the Denim and Sunrise guy. The color I really love is the black and burgundy one that only comes in large, but that is just too over the top for me.

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