Friday, August 26, 2016

Unboxing: August 2016 Birchbox

I keep wanting to do a side by side comparison of my Play box against Birchbox but for some reason my Play box always ships really late in the month and it just doesn't make the cut. Once again, here's an unboxing of my Birchbox. This post no longer includes any affiliate links because I do not endorse this subscription any longer but still wanted to get an unboxing up there so I can give an honest opinion on how I think the box is doing.

The sample choices this month were all hair care items which you can just imagine thrilled me (not..) but in my experience if you don't pick a sample there's a higher chance you will receive 2 or even all 3 in your box which is the last thing I want to stack my odds against. The biggest positive of this month is no perfume, so that's a very small win. Let's see what I picked up this month. Also sidenote when I went to upload all the pictures I took, the files were corrupted and since I already passed on some items...we're going with the pictures from the website!

R+Co BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste
Full Size Value: $28 
Might as well start with what I chose which is this dry shampoo paste. This sounded intriguing to me, it's basically a dry shampoo balm so you scoop some out, work it between your fingers and smooth it into your greasy roots. I was actually excited to test this out and see how it works. It uses volcanic ash and zeolite powder to suck up the grease . It's pricey though, probably not something I would ever buy especially since the aerosals are so much easier, but still something fun to try.
Ouai Wave Spray
Full Size Value: $26
What is it with subscription boxes and beach sprays? There are very few people out there where these products work so I really hate seeing these in boxes. Also what are the odds that I would get this after JUST receiving a bottle of it in my Play box last month? This also happened to be another sample choice that I hoped to avoid by selecting one, I was not so lucky with that this month. I'll give one of these bottles I shot but 9/10 times these things just completely destroy my hair.
Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel for Face and Body
Full Size Value: $20 
Now cleansers I can get behind. Especially gel ones, they're my favorite and the best for oily skin. Avene is a good brand and I like getting cleansers because it's things I know I will use and also use up.
Manna Kadar Cosmetics Day-Dream Palette
Full Size Value: $25
Next up is this palette sample which most people reported arriving smashed up. In general I'm not a huge fan of getting these because I feel like a palette only makes sense when it's everything together. Getting just a random shade or two doesn't really give me a feel of the palette as a whole. I also have a ton of eyeshadows that I haven't even touched because I'm so in love with my Lorac palettes I don't even want to look at anything else. It's hard work stopping myself from buying the Pro 3 since I still haven't even opened my Pro 2!
Laura Geller New York Color Luster Lip Gloss
Full Size Value: $19 
How cute, this color is called Cookie Dough which fun fact is what we call the hair balls and knots that my dog Cookie gets. Anyways, this is a nice color that will be happily passed onto my mom who wears lip glosses or sticks everyday so I know she will love to have this one in rotation.

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